Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Letters Home

Week 1  "So Much YES Week "

Hola everybody,        July 24, 2014

This is has been one full week. I have already taught 5 lessons to an investigator in Spanish and studied numerous and numerous hours. I'm on West Campus which is all Spanish speaking Elders y Hermanas. It's fantastic, you walk out the door from your apartment and you hear, "Hola Elderes! Como le va?" I love it! However, that doesn't mean it hasn't been hard. This has been by far the hardest week that I have ever had. 
Thanks to family and friends and most importantly thanks to the Lord- I'm so very good and well. 

An experience I had with Elder Glenn (my companion) this week is we were teaching this investigator, Oscar, and we testified of truthfulness of the gospel and how it can bless his family. I love it! Something we say as a district when things get stressful and hard we say, "Tranquilo" which means to take it easy! In D&C 84: 77 through 88 He calls us "friend" and He is always with us! 

Abbie, I would like you to pay close attention to verse 88. Hope you know Abs, that you're in my prayers always and I have thinking a lot about you! May you find comfort in praying to your Father in Heaven who loves you so much! 

I have gained about 5 pounds already and I love, love, love the chocolate milk. Me encanta la leche de chocolate!! 

I send my love to all and thank you for your prayers and your letters!

I have the best companion ever and he works hard! We are doing awesome and are just thrilled to be a part of this work.

Smile a mile,

Elder Hall

Week 2  "I'm Singing in the Rain"

Hello all,        July 31, 2014

This week was great! I learned some important things and my testimony was strengthened so much. We had a devotional this week from John H. Groberg, and I can't describe to you how powerful it was to sing in the choir. We sang "Hurrah for Israel!" It was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had.

Here are some things that he said, "When you strike your tuning fork, others will catch the vibration and end up in the same key." He also gave a 6 important points in Bearing testimony:

1.What we say
2.What we do
3.What we sing
4.How we pray
5.What we write
6.Who we are

I want to testify to you that these things are true! Yesterday we had a lesson with our investigator named Javier. Javier just graduated from college and works in a book industury place. He has been taught by other missionaries before and was really hesitant to let us in. I decided I just would ask him what he liked and how things were going. He then let us in and we were able to share a message with him. We simply ended with our testimonies and the Spirit was so strong.

Bearing your testimony is something we all need to do constantly. Elder Glenn and I made a meta (goal) this week to share our testimony 3 times every day to somebody. It has been one of the greatest spiritual witnesses I have ever received. 

Something funny:
Elder Glenn came in yesterday and we were so worn out and tired. He saw Elder Kelly who literally came in and laid down on his bed and fell asleep. Well, Elder Kelly doesn't like spiders AT ALL. So...we took a string and decided that we would go find a spider and tie it to the string and put it on his face. He woke up screaming hahaha! SO MUCH YES!! 

Thank you for all your prayers! Thank you for your support and I hope you know that we pray for you too! 

Smile a mile,
Elder Hall

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