Monday, October 27, 2014

To the Family...

October 20th, 2014 Quito, Ecuador

I want to share a brief experience about a little girl named Tiffany: 

Tiffany is a cute Ecuadorian girl of 9 years old. She will be baptized this Saturday along with her mom. Last Saturday she and her mother had their baptisimal interviews. The mom, Mayra, went first and I sat with Tiffany as we waited for her mom. While waiting, I pulled out the book of paintings that helps us with lessons and has pictures for the stories in the Bible and Book of Mormon. When I pulled it out and turned to the first one she asked what the story was about. I then turned to the part where it has the paintings of the stories of Jesus. She and I then began to tell those stories together. I really tried to hold back the tears but unfortunately I was unsuccessful and I felt this overwhelming feeling of joy. It was as if I had my future daughter sitting next to me and we were learning together, and trying to follow the example of Jesus Christ together.
I can't describe that experience exactly-- but I do know that Jesus is our example and that we can find real joy in telling the stories of Him.
I testify of Him. I testify that He is the Christ; that he suffered and died for us. I testify that He lives and loves us.
This I know with the surety of my heart and soul. 
Alma 26:12
Love your brother and son,
Elder Zachy Hall

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