Sunday, November 9, 2014

"High On a Mountaintop"

November 3rd, 2014  Quito, Ecuador

Hello Friends and Family,
This week I want to testify of ministering angels. 

I felt prompted this week with one of our investigators to have her take a tour of the chapel. We called her, followed up, and set up the appointment. When she arrived we had a prayer outside of the chapel and then entered and talked about all the images and artwork,  and why we need to keep the commandments. We talked about baptism and the importance of it. At the very end we went into the sacrament meeting room. As we entered, there was a soft, calming, but piercing spirit. I played "How Great thou Art" on the piano as she sat and pondered for a moment. My companion then explained about the sacrament and I felt that we should share the sacrament prayers with her. As we did, the spirit became stronger. We then invited her to pray to ask if the church was true and if she should really be baptized on the 29 of November. She accepted and we left her alone and went back down the hallway with one of the members who was accompanying us. 

She came out 20 mins later, which felt like a really long time. She said she received a direct answer from God. The answer was, "Yes." We explained about those feelings she'd had and the wonderful decision she is making. We then asked the member if he would go and close up-- upstairs. He left, then quickly came running back down and said, "Elders, you have to go upstairs, I have not felt the spirit so strong in my life except for in the temple."
We hurried up the stairs, and before we entered I felt the spirit just rest upon me. We then entered and it was as if I heard singing. I testify that angels were singing in that holy chapel of God. I also testify of His presence. Afterward, Elder Aravena and I knelt down and offered a prayer of gratitude -- which we all know I did not get through without crying :)
"High on the Mountain Top, a banner is unfurled. On Zion's mount behold it stands."
D&C 84:88. Read it. This promise came true. And I give all praise to Him. 

Lucy, the investigator, will be baptized on 29 of November.
Love you all,
Elder Hall

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