Sunday, November 23, 2014

" I Am A Child of God."

November 17th, 2014.   Quito, Ecuador

Hola Family and Friends,
With this past week being a little different, I have recognized some really important things. First of all I would like to share an experience that has become dear to my heart.
Tuesday I woke up just not feeling well at all and so I got permission to take the morning and sleep. However, in the afternoon we had appointments that were already set, and I felt we needed to work. Contrary to my companion's thoughts and wishes, we went out and worked. 

In the evening we had a lesson with a member who we rescued this last month. Her name is Katherine. Her mom is less active and brother as well who now doesn't believe there is a God, and yet he reads and prays with us. Miracle

This story is about the mom:  She was baptized some 30 years ago with her mom and was then a strong member of the church. She has been a Relief Society president, Primary president, and Visiting Teacher. Something happened unfortunately where she was offended, and she told us that she would never come back to church. At this time I felt prompted to simply share a scripture that is very dear to me. Alma 7: 11-13. I then was given the words to testify of the Atonement of Christ; That he suffered for us, overcame death for us, and was resurrected so that we may and can live with Him and Our loving Heavenly Father once more. The Holy Ghost abided in that lesson. However, the reason this made such an impact was the dear heart and testimony of my companion. Elder Aravena t grabbed the hand of that dear sister and said, "Sister, as representatives of Jesus Christ and His church we ask for thy forgiveness and tell to forgive the bishop who offended you." I was stunned. I still don't have words for the presence of the Holy Ghost.
My dear family and friends--this is the very same Church of Jesus Christ that was lost and now is restored. I do not doubt it. I testify that through the Atonement of Christ all mankind can and will be forgiven if we, as my mom says, "Open the gift." I testify of the Living Savior and His mercy. May we ever remember the Hymn, "I know that my Redeemer Lives."
Testifico esas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen

Love you all so very much,
Elder Hall

p.s. It's not bad to cry...

p.p.s. I finally got a new camera! Woohoo--pictures next week :)

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