Friday, September 19, 2014

"Glory To God On High"

September 8, 2014

Hello to all you family and friends,

I would to like to share with you a couple of my experiences this week. Something I forgot to mention is that my companion and I are opening a new sector, and I didn't know until yesterday that all of this is new. Most of this week has consisted of walking and walking and contacting and talking. My favorite thing to do while walking is just say "hello" to everybody and smile because it helps me to think positively.

We have these two investigators: Selena and Jennifer. They're cousins and we teach both of them in their other cousins' house who are members of the church. I can't even speak English still--let alone I'm way lost in Spanish. Have no idea. However, I had the opportunity to teach the law of chastity and describe the importance of families. With the help of the Lord, my companion, and the "Declaration To the Family"--both agreed to follow it. The reason this experience is significant is because Selena lives with her "esposo". Most people here are not married and just live with eachother. I then taught how sacred the calling of being parents is and the importance of marriage. They both promised to live it and currently are living it. Selena and her "esposo" are en route in planning a wedding and Jennifer will be baptized the 27th of September. What a wonderful thing that is and how excited and happy I am for the both of them!

The other experience is my own. This week I have spent just as much time on my knees as I have on my feet. Earlier this week, while my companion was in the shower, I prayed out loud and told Heavenly Father how I felt. I expressed my concerns, doubts, and even complaints about the things that were going on. I asked for Him to help me and give strength. I then recieved this answer, "Zachy, this mission is not about you." I stopped to ponder about that as I ate my cereal and had an Oreo. (Yes Abbie, I found Oreos in Ecuador, What!?) 

This "answer" was an incredible thing for me. I then realized that during this whole time of discouragement and natural-man-inward-thoughts, that not once had I thought about my investigators and how to help them. 

May I suggest that we remember there is ONE reason we are doing this work: For the glory of God on High. It is not my will but His.

The days are still long and most of my day is spent walking in silence. But I continue to watch these people and pray how I can better help them. Something I have found to help me wake up with a smile on my face no matter what mood I'm in is to go to sleep with a hanger in my mouth. Its the best thing to wake up to.

May you give glory to God on high, and I promise his angels will reply.
Thank for all of your prayers, still need them dearly,

Love all of you,
Elder Hall

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